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Database & Privacy Policy



We are mindful of how important the privacy of your personal information and health related information is to you. If you “opt in” to our patient information database, we will be asking you for basic demographic information like sex and age; contact information including an email address and telephone number; the general medical area of your problem, such as neurological, or cancer; and your actual diagnosis as accurately as you can communicate it.

We use this information to make potential matches with Right to Try programs we are initiating for manufacturers, sponsors and providers. We will only contact you about a potential Right to Try opportunity.

We take reasonable security measures to protect the security of your personal information, and we use HIPPA compliant procedures and safeguards to protect your medical and personal information.

We may from time to time update, change and/or modify this Database and Privacy Policy, and changes will be effective when posted unless we advise otherwise. We encourage you to periodically review this website for any such updates on our Database and Privacy policy. You may opt out of the database at any time through contact with our database management team.

If you do not accept the terms and conditions of this Database and Privacy policy do not opt in to the database. By opting in, you are signaling acceptance.

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